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Far from the madding crowd, yet in the center of Buda – in the heart of the elegant Rózsadomb district – stands the prestigious Vadrózsa Restaurant with all its glory as one of the citadels of indigenous Hungarian gastronomy, re-opened in the spring of 2016.

Our cuisine represents traditional Hungarian and international gastronomy at its finest for affordable prices, yet bearing the importance of modern kitchen technology in mind as well.

"Vadrózsa - affordable luxury"

Vadrózsa’s classics - on 365 day in a year






SoupsAppetizersMain coursesDessertsWines&ChampagnesBeers

Beef broth soup with meat, vegetables and Matzah ball

Thai coconut milk chicken soup

Cold melon cream soup with candied walnuts and fruits

Selection of goose (cold foie gras, smoked goose breast, goose rilette)

Tiger prawn tail with honey and chili (3 pcs)

Fresh mixed salad with optional topping, goat cheese or gravlax salmon or smoked duck breast

Oven-baked marrow bone with garlic

Pappardelle with forest muschroom, dried tomatoes and smoked duck breast slices

Duck breast with rasted noodles and warm apricot chutney

Roasted pike pearch fillet with dill, new potatoes and grilled vegetables

Cholent with slow cooked goose leg and boiled egg

Wienerschnitzel of veal with mashed potatoes and cucumber salad

Grilled foie gras with caramelized fruits

Ribeye steak with green pepper sauce and grilled caper peppers, crushed potatoes

Roasted saddle of lamb with rosemary polenta and green peas cream

Grilled foie gras with fresh letcho

Crispy vegan steak with garden greens

Grilled foie gras with chanterelle

Asparagus creme brulée with fresh fruits

Belgian chocolate lava with vanilla ice cream and forest fruits sauce

Layered cake with poppyseed, apple and walnut served with walnut ice cream

Strawberry coconut panna cotta (lactose- and sugarfree)

Mészáros Hidaspetre Cabernet Franc Reserve 2018

Mészáros Chardonnay 2021 - Szekszárd

Mészáros Rosé 2021 Szekszárd

Mészáros Cabernet Cuvée 2018 Szekszárd

Mészáros Ohmerops Cuvée 2017

Sauska Rosé 2020

Pátzay Rizling 2018

St.Andrea Áldás Egri Bikavér 2019

Vylyan Montenuovo Cuvée 2016

Sauska Cuvée 7 Villány 2016

Sárga Borház Édes Szamorodni 2017

Mészáros Fehér Kadarka 2020

Grand Tokaj Aszú 2013

Szepsy 6 puttonyos Aszú 2008

Hungaria Extra Dry

Mészáros Grand Antiqua Cuvée 2015

Kreinbacher Rosé Brut

Villa Loren Prosecco Spumante

VAL D’OCA Prosecco Superiore Extra Dry

VAL D’OCA Prosecco Superiore Brut

Moet & Chandon Imperial Brut

Haraszthy Sir Irsai 2021

Káli Kövek Sauvignon Blanc 2020

Pállfy Törökugrató Rozé 2021

Pannonhalmi Tricolis Rosé 2020

Légli "VITÉZ" Cabernet Sauvignon 2018

Gere Kopár 2017

Dom Pérignon

Müller Thurgau 2019

Patricius Furmint 2019

Nyakas Chardonnay 2020

Vylyan Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

Haraszthy Pinot Noir 2017

Takler Merlot 2017

Eszterbauer Nagyapám Kadarka 2018

Fantastico Malbec 2016


(Bacardi, soda, menta, lime)

Cuba Libre

(Bacardi, cola, lime)

Aperol Spritz

(Aperol, champagne, soda, orange)

Kir Royale

(Creme de cassis, champagne)

Summer Fresh

(passion fruit, strawberry, apple juice, soda, lime)

„Classic” lemonade

(lemon, orange, lime, sugar, soda)

„Mojo” lemonade

(lemon, lime, cucumber, fresh mint, sugar syrup, soda)

„Red” lemonade

(lemon, lime, rapsberry, basil, soda)

Krusovice cerne

(0,5 l) bottled / dark


(0,33 l) bottled


(0,5 l) bottled / wheat

Coca-cola / Coca-cola Zero

Schweppes tonic

Canada Dry ginger

Cappy apple

Cappy orange

Fresh orange juice

Red Bull & Red Bull Light

Szigetközi fresh water




Latte macchiato

Iced coffee

Irish coffee

Hot chocolate


(0,3 l) draught


(0,5 l) draught

A wide range of Dilmah teas


Size: 40 m2
Conference: 36 guests
Banquette: 20 guests
Standing reception: 30 guests
Size: 120 m2
Conference: 70 guests
Banquette: 80 guests
Standing reception: 100 guests




Size: 60 m2
Conference: 40 guests
Banquette: 40 guests
Standing reception: 50 guests
Size: 400 m2
Conference: 250 guests
Banquette: 120 guests
Standing reception: 250 guests






Opening hours




Opening hours

Tuesday- Saturday: 12 pm - 11 pm
Sunday: 12 pm - 4 pm


+36/1-326-5809, +36/20-442-2245
1025 Budapest, Pentelei Molnár utca 15.